Tecumseh running irratically


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Tecumseh running irratically

I have an 11hp Tecumseh ohv Enduro. It is a fairly new engine on a Murray 38" mower. When I start it it seems ok for a minute then it starts to surge back and forth. I can take off the filter and housing assymbly and the thing runs great. The filter is clean and I just rebuilt the carburetor. As long as I keep those things off it runs like a champ. As soon as I put the housing back on I notice excessive fuel in the bottom of it. I don't really know much about this engine or any carb asjustments on it. If anyone with any knowledge on these OHV Enduro engines please help.
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You rebuilt the carb...? As in installed a new kit? On these I think the carb kit is the entire bowl assy which snaps on with a flip bail...?
I have not had any luck servicing these and for the price replacement seems to me the best option.

I don't recall what air filter these use, but its possible your filter looks clean and is still plugged.
I can't think of any adjustments either.
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More Information

Well didn't buy a rebuild kit for it. I carefully took it apart and cleaned it really good. None of the gaskets or o-rings were bad. This thing maybe has 100 hours on it. It done this even before I rebuilt it. Like I said, with the filter and housing on, it surges. With the filter off and the housing on, you can see excessive fuel in the bottom of it and it still surges. I think it is getting too much and it is trying to lean itself out. I take it all off and it runs like new. I am a loss for words!
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You'll need to get a bowl kit for it, or just replace the carb. It's not a great design, and usually once you take the carb apart, it won't run right again until you replace parts.
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If you post back with engine ID numbers, we can provide you with the Tecumseh part number(s) you'll need.

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