Bolens H14XL Tecumseh OH140 hard to start


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Bolens H14XL Tecumseh OH140 hard to start

Hi all.
I have a Bolens H14XL with a Tecumseh OH140 motor in it. When it has been sitting for a week or so and I go to cold start it the engine cranks over seemingly endlessly until it fires. I have choke on full and throttle up. Once it fires it will run / restart etc all day - no problems with just a little throttle and a touch of choke. I keep wrecking the starter brushes winding it over for so long. What would be causing this. Fuel pump / valve adjustments. I can't seem to fix it and there's not much info in Australia on these tractors.
Regards Ian
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You might verify the choke plate is closing as far as possible on the carb. Sometimes I found just that last little bit can make the difference on some engines.
Not sure about your engine as far as a fuel pump, but if it runs ok once started, I wouldnt normally suspect it.
Instead of cranking on it, put a splash of fuel in the carb and see if it pops n goes all day.
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I'll whip the cleaner off and have a look. I've got to the stage of ripping out the plug and squirting a bit of juice into the cylinder when its cold to get it to fire so it seems possible.

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