Lawn Boy Weed Whacker Fuel Line problem


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Lawn Boy Weed Whacker Fuel Line problem

The fuel line on my LB XT-100 weed whacker has just disintegrated and I can't figure out how the fuel tank etc comes apart in order to replace the fuel line. Any ideas?

It looks like screws on the shaft side (front?) of the engine cover assembly need to come out, but I want to be sure I don't end up with a pile of parts I can't reassemble....

Just when I had finally gotten the doggone thing adjusted so it'd start and run reliably (after suffering with it for years....).

Thanks for any help.
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Don't take it apart, get new fuel line and cut it at about a 20 degree angle, now get some fishing line(monofiliment) tie it to the end of the fuel line, tie a weight(small nail, screw, whatever) that will fit thru the fuel line hole in the tank, now feed the line into the tank, turn it over, shake it around until it is accessable thru the filler cap. Now get the point of the fuel line started thru the hole in the tank and pull with the fish line to get it thru the tank, get some long nose pliers to pull it the rest of the way. Leave enough fuel line so the filter, after you reatach it will be able to pick up fuel at any angle. Have a good one. Geo

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