Murray Riding Lawnmower Engine Turns but won't start


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Murray Riding Lawnmower Engine Turns but won't start

Murray riding lawnmower Model 309007x8B Brigss and Stratton Engine, running great then suddenly it quit. The engine turns when I turn the ignition. I replaced the spark plug and noticed that it was gas flooded. Let it dry and replaced the spark plug againthe engine turns but will not fire. I noticed there seem to be no spark from the plug when I defeated the kill switch with foot and hand manuever. I am certain that the gas feed's fine. Any suggestions..
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Did you hit anything before it died ? first I would check the spark could be a number of things if you get no spark but I would look at the coil first.

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It certainly sounds as though you've lost spark but you need to keep in mind that with riding mowers and their safety switches/features, you will need to isolate the ignition system from the safety circuit. On the engine will be a junciton block where the two systems meet and you need to remove the wire(s) that are from the engine outward and leave only the single wire (kill wire) that runs to the ignition coil. While this does not absolutely isolate the coil, it is your first step. After isolation, you will then check for spark at the spark plug by laying the plug on a metal object while attached to the plug wire. If spark then it will be a safety circuit related issue and you will then need to determine the exact source of trouble. If no spark you will then need to eliminate the kill wire mentioned above and, again, check for spark. Perform these steps and report back.
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Talking Safety switch!

Thanks guys for your help, sorry took me too long to respond had to be somewherre. Anyways the safety switch on the seat was melted/fused don't know why but It was replaced and run as good as new after that.

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