Tecumseh crankcase leaking oil

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Cool Tecumseh crankcase leaking oil

My Tecumseh 15hp tractor motor leaks / shoots oil out the crankcase ventilation area into the carburator it runs good until this oil chokes the engine and floods the plug anyone know why?
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Cool tractor

I know nothing about tractors but does that engine have a P.C.V valve? I know when they get clogged the oil vapors will build up in an engine and go backwards into the air cleaner...Just a thought!
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Is the engine overfilled with oil? The crankcase breather (ventilation, as you referred to it as) can only handle the specified amount of oil in the crankcase as determined by the manufacturer and as little as three ounces overfilled will blow oil out the breather tube and into the air cleaner area. Also, be sure you are running the proper viscosity oil - SAE30. Too viscous (heavy) an oil will not escape the breather at a rate necessary and thereby blow out the tube. If these are both good then you will most likely have an air leak issue related to the crankcase which could be the piston rings, a crankshaft seal, a gasket, oil fill tube leakage, or, excessive governor shaft wear.

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