PLEASE HELP!! 43cc and 49cc problem.


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Unhappy PLEASE HELP!! 43cc and 49cc problem.

I have i 49cc mini ninja which was working perfectly with a broken gas cable until i decided to change the cable. I removed the air cleaner as was required to change the cable. I installed the new cable (correct length and all) and proceeded to start the bike. The bike started and idled perfectly. I proceeded to test the cable by rev the bike. As soon as i reved the bike it died and never started again. I stumbled upon a post here with someone with a similar problem... It said that because the air cleaner was off,(which mine was at the time of reving), some foreign material went into the cylinder through the carburator and damaged the piston. I haven't done any inspection to see if this is so but took it to a marine engine repair specialist. The specialist inspected the bike , changed the plug, cleaned the exhaust, cleaned the carbureator, checked the fuel line, checked for compression and all required for a working engine, all the above was good but still no avail. I have a same looking, same brand engine which is 43cc(bike 49cc) of which i am plannin to remove the piston from to place in the ninja. Will this work? Please help me. If it won't work could you tell me what to do?
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Your marine repair specialist "checked for compression" and all was OK, right? So you don't need to change the piston.

Engines need compression, fuel and ignition to run. Your troubleshooting description says you have compression. Now check that you're getting fuel and ignition.
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Unhappy Did that.

The marine specialist checked for all needed to run the engine. All are ok ...Spark, fuel, compression, clean exhaust, all are good but it still won't start. Please help
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Check for an air leak into the crankcase. If you have good compression, spark and fuel, then you must have an air leak into the crankcase, check the seals at both sides of the crankshaft and around the cylinder mounting area for any leaks.

I don't think the piston from a 43cc engine will work in a 49cc engine as it most likely is smaller.

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