12 h.p briggs flooding ...


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12 h.p briggs flooding ...

hi all. my snapper rer w/ 12 h.p briggs began slow in turning over with the key
so I charged battery..still slow..pulled plug to try see if it would spin over and
a LOT of gas shot out of cylinder..sound major?
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Not major but some work needed. The carburetor is dumping gas into the crankcase oil and then the gasoline thinned oil is making its way past the rings and into the combustion chamber. You will need to remove, disassemble and recondition the carburetor. You will have one (or more) of three problems: 1- The inlet needle and seat are worn or has trash interferring with their proper operation. 2- The float has a hole in it and no longer floats. 3- The bowl vent is clogged and creating a high pressure area in the carburetor bowl and pushing gas into the intake manifold. I have noted these in order of liklihood of trouble with number one being the most likely. If you were to buy a rebuild kit and float you will cover all the bases. You MUST change the oil after you have serviced the carb and before you run the engine again!!! If you post back with your engine ID numbers I can provide you with the part numbers you will need to purchase.
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thank's,I had never seen that before(the gas from cyl.)I was worried t was
a broken ring or valve...I've actually rebuilt one of these old flojet carbs on
the old 8 h.p engine that was on it(with little success as the tolerances were
so wore out) and there pretty simple,I got the 12 h,p used off ebay,and never
could get the carb adjusted..so a rebuild is in order..anway, If you have the
part # for the kit I could use it and thank's again! my #'s are:

281707 041101 90010531

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