Troy riding mower - oil on belt+pto = screech/stall


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Troy riding mower - oil on belt+pto = screech/stall

Hello - I have a riding lawn mower and I changed the oil on it and now I have an issue.

Its a little Troy-bilt with a manual PTO lever; the oil plug is low and on the right side of the mower - and the 'funnel' they provided is not so good- needless to say I now have leaked oil down through the deck and apparently onto the front spindle/pulley, because if I try to engage the PTO, this sucker starts to screech, smoke and then the engine dies.

I assume that's the problem - either that or that 'pulley' (sorry if that's the wrong word - the metal disc the belt is fed around) is seized up for some other reason.

So I guess my first question is - can I clean off that belt with Dawn or something to get rid of the oil and fouling and try it again? Or do I need to have this thing torn down and looked at?

Has anyone else had this issue with this type of motor and is there a trick to changing the oil out? They gave me a black 'funnel' that's really just a curved piece of black plastic - pretty useless.

Thanks in advance!

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Actually, if you're heareing the screech and it shuts down the engine, it doesn't sound like oil is on the belt because the belt is grabbing pretty hard. I think you'll find that there is either something jammed under the deck, keeping a blade from turning, or one of the blade mandrels are locked up.

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