STIHL Leaf Blower not starting


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STIHL Leaf Blower not starting

My Stihl SH-85 leaf blower is not starting...It was perfectly OK working yesterday and today it does not start. The machine has been great....always started on the first pull. When I was struggling to get it started, I noticed that the exhaust pipe was actually spitting out the fuel...what could this mean?

I've had it for 4 years, but have not changed the spark plug or air cleaner, etc. I've followed the steps in the manual of removing the spark plug, flushing out the fuel etc, but no luck.

Do I need to change the spark plug, and or the air clean or is there something more serious wroing. I want to fix it myself..

Thanks to all for replying.

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I would certainly check the spark plug, if it's the original one then it would not be a bad idea to try a new one. While you have it out, test it to make sure you are getting spark to the plug.

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