Sears - 5hp mower -accidentally mowed over a 4"x4"-


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Angry Sears - 5hp mower -accidentally mowed over a 4"x4"-

I was only hoping to nudge the lying 4x4 (lawn edging)but sliced some of the top off and now the mower won't start. It won't really even "crank". Have I bent a rod or broken a drive shaft?
Thanks for your help.........
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Sears Mower NOGO

If you mower's engine is a Tecumseh and NOT a Briggs & Stratton, you most certainly have a broken KEY. The "flywheel "key is designed to shear if you hit something tougher than grass. This allows the magneto to have it's timing altered...a lot! It will actually fire at the wrong part of the stroke, and try to rip the pull start rope out of your hand. You must obtain the replacement key from Sears as it is a special shape for those motors. Hope this helped.
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widkid001 is right that it's probably the flywheel key, however this would apply whether it's a Briggs, Tecumseh, or whatever. You can get a key at any small engine shop for around a buck.
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Smile Thanks guys. Sounds like you nailed it!

Now, where will I have to put the new key?
Again, many thanks.
-Smiling again!
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When you note that is won't even "crank", do you mean it won't pull over by hand with the rope start? If so, you may have bent the crankshaft to the point of binding at the PTO bearing. Even if you can pull the engine over but it won't "fire" up (if that's what you mean), you may have a severely bent crankshaft just not to the point of binding but you do need to keep this in mind before sinking any time or money into the machine.
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Cool Cranks but won't fire.

Thanks Puey. I'll keep that in mind.
I'm still curious where the key goes. How do I get access to the spot?
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It's hard to give any specific instructions not knowing what you have, but it goes between the flywheel and the crankshaft. You'll have to remove whatever shrouding, possibly fuel tank, and other things to gain access to the flywheel, then you'll need to remove the flywheel and instal the new key.

I agree with Puey61, remove the spark plug, tilt the mower on it's side enough to see under it, and have someoe slowly pull the rope. Watch the crankshaft to see if it has a wobble. If so, it's bent and isn't worth the time and expense to repair generally.

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