Lawn Boy Utility - first start in 10 years

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Lawn Boy Utility - first start in 10 years

I took a neighbor's old Lawn Boy Utility mower (model #4501) that she had sitting unused in her garage for at least 10 years. The lawnboy documentation shows it as having a type "F" engine. The carb is plastic.

I am getting spark and some gas. If I prime a few times, it will start but not stay running. If I keep pushing the prime bulb after starting, it will keep running but that is not a real fix. I have cleaned the carb twice but I am cautious about soaking it since it is plastic. Also hard to clean well for fear of reaming out a plastic orifice that should not be made larger. It definitely had 10 year old gas in it and needed much cleaning. I think I got all the orifices (one up the center from the fuel bowl to the card, one from the fuel bowl to the air mixture adjustment screw, two inside the upper carb.

Any suggestions? Any hints on getting this clean? The gas I am using is fresh. Yes, I know to mix it with oil.

Is it worth the effort? The bag is missing and seems to be discontinued. I found just bag one locally for almost $60 with the bag frame.
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You ask if it's worth the effort? I don't know. I probably wouldn't fix it if someone gave it to me, but I've had some customers bring me old lawnboys and have me fix them. They're good strong mowers, but a bit finicky at times and smelly in my opinion. If you can get the carb working, then go for it. You can try soaking it, but go for short intervals in the dip. Don't let it sit in there for hours at a time. Most plastics seem to do well for short times in the bath type dips that I've used. Rubber, on the other hand, does not.
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I have a 4501 I bought mine in 1979 it still runs great my deck is held together with screws and strap metal but the mower itself is great. Soak the carb and then blow out the holes with compressed air or brake parts cleaner. You probably should check that the fuel line is not loaded with crusted gas that is going to break loose and reclog the carb. Don't let the pull rope slip out of your hand when you are trying to start the mower the rope has a tendency to jump out of the track and you have to remove the cover to put it back on. Have a good one. Geo

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