grey oil??


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grey oil??

Anyone every see grey oil come out of a new lawn mower after the break in period??
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Whitish grey streaks, etc. in the oil indicates water got into the crankcase. You would need to change it immediately.
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No, nothing like water got into it. The oil has like a silver haze to it. Wierd. It runs good. No smoke.
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Means the engine is rubbing metal off the rod and/or piston. Let's hope it has "worn in" and will stop "making metal". If it continues after the oil change,I'd take it back to the store you bought it from and try to get it exchanged.
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I would take it back now. It's more than likely the piston or ring clearance is to tight in the cylinder. The silver metal you see is the cylinder block wearing prematurely.
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Scary seeing that glitter isn't it? It will look like this before you do your first oil change, which is why I change out oil after the first hour of operation vs the 5 or 10 hours as recommended in the owners manual. Aluminum bore engines will generally have more glitter than iron lined ones.

Its normal wear on just about every small engine I have ever owned. Just part of the break in. Change after first hour, 5th hour and then go to regular schedule. Both of my Robins had some glitter, my GCV160 had a LOT of glitter but after a year runs perfectly and uses not a drop of oil. Just change the oil right after shutdown while all the junk is still in suspension.

EDIT: If the oil keeps looking like metallic paint after the third oil change, you might have problems.
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I don't know how grey the oil is, but it would be reason for concern to me. If it's not really bad, it may be from breakin. It's hard to say how worried to be without seeing it.

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