MTD Briggs engine won't stay running


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MTD Briggs engine won't stay running

It fires right up like it is supopsed to but once I engage the blade it stalls out. There is no safey feature that I know of since nothing has changed since the last mow. I did think it was some bad gas so I drained the tank and cleaned out the lines but it still does it. COuld this be a fuel pump? If so does anyone know a good online spot to get one? The engine specs are:

Briggs and Straten 16.5 HP OHV
Model 310777
Type 0112-E1
Code 98022420

Thanks in advance
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As with all things mechanical, anything can fail and eventually will! Don't rule out any safety features, is my point. You need to determine if you have a belt related issue binding and creating excessive load on the engine or if you have an engine issue. Does the engine die as if the key were turned off or does it struggle to a halt? It is unlikely that you have a fuel system issue since it does run as long as the deck isn't engaged, so it sounds. Therfore, if the belts and related bearings/drives don't appear to be the source then it is likely ignition related which will likely be a safety switch/module.

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