Craftsman Starts but wont move


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Craftsman Starts but wont move

I started my lawn tractor today, it has been about 3 weeks since I last started it. I put it in reverse it started to move then it stopped. The cluch became very easy to push. The wheel that turns the belt is not turning. The belt is not broken. Please help if you can!
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There is a tension spring that applies pressure to the drive belt when the clutch is released, it's possible that it came off or broke and there is no pressure on the drive belt so it's not turning.

With the engine off (not running) look under the frame of the tractor and move the clutch lever with your hand, you should be able to see a bracket with a pulley on it that moves with the clutch pedal. Look to see if you can locate a spring that should be pulling tension on the bracket in order to tighten the drive belt.

Best of Luck....

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