Old Ariens Snow-Thro

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Old Ariens Snow-Thro

Long of the short...been reading through posts trying to see if I can't figure some of this out myself...Haven't quite seen what I need, so I'm making this thread...apologies to the long time members, but I'm a newbie here, and at doing stuff myself...

I picked up an old Ariens Snow-Thro free by the side of the road...the owner said he had used it a two of years ago, but not this last winter due to a leg injury...Here's some of the serial numbers I found on it:

Engine: Tecumsah Model: H60-75003B (may be a 3 or 8? couldn't quite read it) Serial #: 3248 04599 (again, the 3 may be a different number...hard to tell)

The Ariens part has two set's of numbers:
Ser. # 10ML60 - 18125
and on the chute part: 7-10M 32359

Here's what I'd like to know:

Approximate age (mid to late 1960's??)? (Anywhere on the web to find a manual?)

Would it hurt to throw some gas in it and just try to fire it up? (oil is level is good) or could I damage the motor?

Was looking for parts on PartsRadar (linked from Ariens website), and can't figure out what machine I have in front of me...I typed in 10ML60 and got four machines, none of which match the last part of the serial number I have (number above). Anyone help me there?

Machine/engine pretty dirty...would it hurt it to take a power washer to it all?

The guy I got it from said the carb. spits fuel after running a while...from the looks of it, that's a fairly common problem/fairly easy fix...I've never worked with small engines like this...it was free...would you advise me to get the parts and try fixing it myself? Or is it old enough that I should have a shop look at it?

If I can get it up and running...a coat of orange paint? What kind/color?

Again...completely new at this small engine thing...thought I might have a diamond in the rough here for nothing...(and not looking to put tons of money into it) But of course, know it'll cost something...is this worth trying to fix? What do you all think?
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This manual should cover your engine and include breakdown for the model and serial #'s. http://www.cpdonline.com/692509.pdf
I think you will find the vintage of 1990's rather than 1960's
I don't see many Ariens out west here but the parts radar manuals look to me as though you would use the first one listed. The model # 10ML60-15001, would indicate to me at least, that that manual covers models from 15001 to...the next manual lists 24001, your number 18125 I would think would be covered by the first manual listed. Of course I could have it backwards and the number they list being the latest number the manual covers...??? :P

If the engine turns freely, (not too free) check the spark plug give it a drink and a tug see what happens

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