Honda mower problem


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Cool Honda mower problem

I have a 1 yr. old Honda HRX217HMA with a 6.5 hpGCV190 engine. The mower has been fouling out plugs the last 2 times it was used and today it quit with a backfire. I pulled the new plug that I put in last week and it was black and smelled like fuel just like the one that i replaced last week. Today we got almost all of the lawn done before it quit. I asked at the dealer when I bought the new plug last week and he said it could be the carburetor. It just went out of warranty by a few weeks so if this is something easy, even though I never worked on it before I might give it a shot because they want $70 per hour. Any help would be appreciated.

thanks, fritoguy15
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Check your oil level. If it is overfull or smells of gas you may want to change it. Check your air filter and replace it if any question.
It may require servicing the carb and that would depend on your mechanically ability. If you can locate the carb without guidance, its not too difficult.
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Whew, the oil smells of gas. I will change it tomorrow, the air filter is OK, it was a little dirty but I cleaned it up. If I clean that plug off will that be good enough or do I need to replace that plug? The top of the mower is held on by 3 bolts so I imagine if I take the top off I should be able to see the carb if I need to do more. I will let you know how it comes out after I get done at work tomorrow.

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If the oil smells like gas, then the carb is leaking. The carb is behind the air filter. You won't be able to get to it by removeing those 3 nuts on top. The carb needs to be disassembled and cleaned out.
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I have seen many Honda mowers that have had problem with fuel getting past seat and into oil. The carb most likely will need work. Try this to troubleshoot.

Shut off fuel shutoff at tank ( I assume you have one)
Change oil in mower.

The next few times you use mower turn on fuel just before mowing and shut off immediately after mowing.

If problem goes away you know it is the carb letting fuel into oil.
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Well let me tell you what I did today. I changed the oil and put in a new plug and ran the mower for about 10 minutes. It still sounded a little funny, so I checked the new plug and it already had some black on it. I then removed the air filter and unscrewed the 3 screws and saw the carburetor. I think if that is the problem I would like to replace it instead of trying to clean or adjust it as I don't know if I could do that. First question is how much would a carburetor cost and second is that the problem or could it be a piston or ring. I also realized that my mower is 2 yrs. old and not 1, but I can't imagine that a Honda mower would have a major engine problem in that short of time as my last one lasted 20 yrs. and in Florida you mow year round.

Thanks for your help and I will wait to hear from you.

Fritoguy 15
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Carbs for that model only run $16. Yep, $16 COMPLETE. Just replaced one that had old gas sitting in it over winter and was plugged up. Was gonna clean and replace jets, etc. when I saw what a new complete one cost.
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I got a new carb, for $16 replaced it and the plug, then did some mowing. The plug was still black when I got done, but I think it must have been just leftover from the original carb. At least I got the yard done this time and I will see if that is all I need to do. It was easy enough to replace except lining up all the gaskets but finally got done. Thanks for all your help.

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Dirty Honda filter

You need to replace the filter Honda filters use a finer paper and will clog up with fine dust. They can't be cleaned they must be replaced. The dirty filter is causing a rich run condition that is fouling the plug.


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