Homelite HT17 UT-18007 fuel mix


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Homelite HT17 UT-18007 fuel mix

I have a Homelite hedge trimmer that I am currently in the process of replacing the fuel lines, etc on. The one piece of information I am missing though is the fuel/oil ratio. Does anyone have a idea of what I should use on this puppy? I don't know if it helps but I think it is about 10 years old. Thanks in advance.
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they now sell 2 stroke oils that are safe for all fuel ratios, just mix it at 2 % ( 50:1 ) that's 2.6 ounces of oil per gallon of gas and you can use it in pretty much any air cooled 2 stroke engine.
make sure that the labes says " safe for all mix ratios ".
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Most likely your Homelite calls for 32:1 ratio, which is 4 ounces of oil per gallon of fuel. As Lou indicated, you will find such oils, but let me say that if you do this, be sure it is a synthetic oil. I like Opti oils as well as AMSOIL synthetics.
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Thanks guys. I am happy to say after replacing the fuel lines, filter, duck valve, and primer bulb I was able to get it running after sitting idle for 5-6 years. Had to play with the carb adjustments to get it to go, but its working well. Just have a little trouble keeping it going at idle, probably just a few more tweaks of the carb. Thanks again.

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