5 hp Tecumseh engine


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Question 5 hp Tecumseh engine

I have an Eager1 Snowblower with a 5hp Tecumseh engine.
It is quiet old. The end of the crankshaft broke off, where the flighwheel is connected. Sears and the local dealer informed me that they do not make replacement for this engine anymore.
Please help me identify a replacement engine.

Engine info
Tecumseh 5 hp
143.687022 Ser 8198B
Crankshaft # 33677A

Eager1 22" power propelled
Code 8220
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I'm not sure why you would want to repower this machine since it is a 1978 model-year Sears (Noma) that was never that good a machine to begin with, but, if you provide me with the crankshaft dimensions (diameter and length) as well as the fact that whether it has an extended camshaft or not, I'm sure I could figure out an engine that would work. I remember working on these older Craftsman's but not lately and I don't recall, exactly, the PTO setup. You do have the option of shortblocking this engine if you don't want the expense of a new engine and that is Tecumseh part number 754276C and lists for around $200. The engine I have in mind is a Tecumseh 7-horse, overhead valve that I believe will work, but post back with the crank dimensions and extended cam or not.
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Thanks for the info puey61.
The snow blower was free.
So I figured if I can get an engine for it, than I will repower it and make it a project with my son.

I would rather get a new engine for it since it is almost 30 years old.
The Tecumseh 754276C you recommended is a direct replacement?
Please letme know.
It will take me some time to get the crankshaft dimensions.
Thanks again.
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Since this is a learning project for you and your son, by all means keep on keeping on. Yes, the shortblock is an exact replacement for your engine. It is a genuine Tecumseh shortblock and since you're in the teaching mode, this would be a good route to take for learning purposes rather than simply removing one engine and installing a new one where there is little to learn in doing such. On the other hand, if you install a shortblock, you will, basically, disassemble the entire engine to service the original one which is a good lesson in engine service. If you decide to go the complete engine replacement route, you will still have some learning in this as you likely will have to do some modifications to get a modern, overhead valve engine to fit up where a flat head engine was. Remove the drive pulley(s) and take measurements of the crankshaft and post back with such.

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