Lawn-Boy Model 10546 won't stay running


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Cool Lawn-Boy Model 10546 won't stay running

I have a Lawn-Boy model 10546, 5HP self-propelled Gold Series. When cold, she starts right up with no coughing or sputtering, and runs fine for about 30 min. After that the engine cuts out and will not re-start until it cools down. I have replaced the primer bulb and air filter, and have made sure my fuel mixture is proper. The spark plug looks a little dirty, but not clogged with any debris. The mower was given to me this year, I don't know it's history. Would changing the plug be the trick?
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A new spark plug certainly would not hurt. Check to see if you have spark when the unit won't start. It's possible you have an ignition module that is failing when it gets hot.

If you are loosing spark when it's hot, then replace the Ignition module and that should take care of it.

If it has good spark when hot and still won't start, then there are other possiblilities, such as an air leak or fuel delivery problem. I would eliminate the spark question first and then proceed from there.
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Hey 30YrTech

Thanks for the advice, I replaced plug so we'll keep our fingers crossed!

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