need info or part# on finding belts for canadiana mower!!!


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need info or part# on finding belts for canadiana mower!!!

on the net im haveing a very hard time finding info on my mower. Its a Canadiana Professional Terf Tractor PARK 2002-12E. Im looking for the part number or size of belts needed for this mower i need sizes for all 3....i have no clue where to find this info. Its one of those yellow ones that turns in the middle and the deck is mounted on the front with 3 blades. Thanks if you can help
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Sorry, I have never heard of this machine. Can you post links to pics of your machine? It may be made by a manufacturer that is familiar to me or others and if we could see it we may recognize it.
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i have that same mower and i cant figure out how to put the cable back on to the steering column which also pivots the machine. I need a manual or maybe you can explain how your is on. Need help fast. lawn is over a foot high. thanks
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Assuming this is like your unit ? Maybe you can contact this guy, It looks like he's been into one.....

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Good Luck

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