Non starting Honda HR214


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Non starting Honda HR214

I have a 1980's era honda hr214 engine # gxv120-118cm selfpropelled lawnmower. After running last week, this week it refuses to start.(In the past when starting a small amount of smoke would emerge indicating some valve probs..but it was my impression that this would not completely inhibit the motor from starting.) It did not hit any objects while the blade was spinning. It was stored after functioning fine, although it was a little harder to start than normal last week.I assumed bad fuel. I have changed the plug, drained the old fuel from tank and carb, and refilled with just purchased fuel. Starter fluid in the carb air intake does not help.Good spark is visible at the plug. The plug is gapped correctly. The oil is at the correct level. All linkages appear to be intact. The choke functions. The circuit breaker is not tripped. The drained gas did not appear to contain any foreign matter either from the carb or tank. Fuel line is clear. Fuel filter is clean. Carb vent is clear. The only thing that seems odd is that it seems much more difficult to pull the starter rope. However, when the plug is out and the starter rope is pulled. NO oil emerges. It pulls..but not with the ease of resistance that it previously seemed to have. A slight bit of smoke emerges. There is no indication that it will start.. no coughing, no sputtering. Nothing. My next step was going to be removal of the carb if I can find a schematic online which I have not so far.. (a point towards a site containing one would be appreciated if the advice goes that route.) However, this would be my first carb rebuild and if i'm barking up the wrong tree , please tell me.. i'd like to avoid it. Any help would be appreciated..the grass is a foot tall.
Ps. The mower MAY have been tipped on its side but this has never caused a problem in the previous 20 years.If oil had mixed with the gas, wouldn't this be apparent when draining the carb?The fluid from the carb appeared clear and normal.
Pps Upon removing the plug again moments ago to check if oil emerged, the plug end may have been slightly coated with fluid not clear .. This would indicate? Grasping at all straws here. If the carb does require rebuilding is this easily accomplished at home without access to parts washers , compressors etc..? For instance is a schematic/diagram of parts usually included with the kit laying it all out for the layman? Can't seem to find this after an afternoon of googling .
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I'm thinking that there is oil in the cylinder. That's why you have it on the spark plug, and why it is harder to pull than usual. I suggest cleaning the plug, pull the pull rope several times briskly without the plug in the engine to blow out the oil in the cylinder. Then reinstall the plug and try to start. If it still doesn't start, repeat the process.
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A small squirt of carburetor cleaner will help to flush out any oil in the combustion chamber.
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For Honda Illustrated parts lists.

Have you checked to see if you are getting spark when you pull the rope?

The older Honda mowers have a kill switch that is activated by a little spring that is attached to the lever where the throttle cable is attached, it may be hung up or the switch may not be working anymore. Just a thought.

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