Grasshopper mower not running right


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Grasshopper mower not running right

I have a 1998 Grasshopper 721 riding mower, it does not run right, it tries to die or just slowes down with out power. I have replaced the carb, fuel pump, fuel filter and the coil, nothing has fixed it. Does anyone have any ideas. Thanks
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Remove the kill wire from the coil at the coil. If that makes a difference you may have something in the safety switches. The seat switch or ignition, or PTO clutch (if electric).

Keep in mind you have to kill the engine with the choke while you're testing it this way.

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I'd say you need to remove the cylinder heads and have a look in the combustion chambers and valve trains. If you have a leak-down tester, this can be used to diagnose any combustion chamber issues before you need to remove the heads.

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