Older 14.5 Briggs & Straton Engines.


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Question Older 14.5 Briggs & Straton Engines.

How doe's the govener springs hook up?Could this be why my engine just all of a sudden started running up and down & up & down & up & down.It started doing this at the snap of the fingers.Just as it was starting to run out of gas,it started doing it.I checked the fuel filter & replaced it,replaced some fuel line also even changed the spark plug.If you hold your finger on the govener lever and lightly I mean vary lightly push back towards the seat it will run great.

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Generally, the governor will not cause the hunt you have, it will be as a result of a lean carburetor condition in most cases. The fact that you ran the gas tank near empty will have a play in the problem. You will want to remove the main jet and blow it out with compressed air and then run the engine to see if this alone will do the trick. If not, then you may need to remove the carburetor and clean it thoroughly and recondition it with a Briggs rebuild kit. Post back with the engines' model, type and code numbers so we know exactly which engine you have, please.

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