Briggs 6HP dies when throttled up


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Angry Briggs 6HP dies when throttled up

I have a Briggs & Stratton 6.5hp on my Bolens Tiller. It was cheap price so do not shoot me for wasting money.

First year I had it ran good. Second year I had problems keeping it started. This year I used gum out, checked the spark plug, and made sure it has fresh gas and fresh oil. It ran at high idle for a little while and even out, and worked like it should. Now I am trying to finish my tilling and when I start it I can only go one notch past choke, if I try t throttle higher it dies. I can operate at low throtte for a little while, but them it dies after 15 mins. I can start it very easy, and it will idle good on choke.

Please help me at least keep it running long enough to get this garden in.

Jason B Bour

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6 hp Briggs

If your carb has a bowl take it off and dump out any water, junk etc. Make sure the float isn't stuck and fuel flows through it, and try again. If it doesn't have a bowl clean out the gas tank. If none of this works you'll probably have to clean the carb.
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Since you didn't post the engine ID numbers so I'll assume you have a bowl type carburetor and, if so, the carburetor bowl nut will be the main metering jet and will have three tiny holes in it (two in the side and one in the end). These need to be cleaned out perfectly - but not bored out - so that the carburetor will perform well. Soaking it in a bath type cleaner is best, second best would be to soak it in a spray carb/choke cleaner and then blow out the holes with compressed air. Depending on the condition of the carburetor, you may need to soak the entire carb and recondition it with the proper Briggs rebuild kit.
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Thanks. I ran it a while on choke today, and then I was able to run it at half throttle. When I turn it up to full throttle it sounds like it is backfiring, and will die when tines are engaged. It does have a bowl.

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