Hydraulic fliud for Z-turn mower.


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Hydraulic fliud for Z-turn mower.


I have a new DR Versa Pro mower that need Hydraulic fluid. I'd call thier Cust. Serv if they were open on Sunday, so any help would be great.

The manual states that if fluid is required, Add Amisol, 30 Weight, synthetic Hydraulic fluid or equivalent.
The stores around me open today are the big box stores so I picked up Hydraulic oil from the Lawn and Garden section of HD. There isn't a whole lot of info on the jug.

-Contain anti wear
-For logging, auto/Parts, andd Hydraulic pumps
-ISO 32 SAE 10

Would this be the right stuff? Any info or direction appreciated


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I know nothing on the Versa Pro and it appears that you bought 10W oil (SAE 10), which won't work per your manual. I'd wait a day and check with the dealer you bought the unit from.
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I concur.

notice: sae number (oil weight or actually more correctly viscosity)

notice: OE specifies "synthetic" I don't see that in the description of the oil you purchased.

I would wait until you can obtain the correct oil lest you void warranties and possibly cause yourself some problems.
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I was going that way once I got home and started reading the manual and the bottle. Just was looking for another opinion or if anyone knew what exactly the manual would compare as "equivalent".


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