LawnBoy Won't start

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LawnBoy Won't start

I'm losing my mind on this one. I have a old lawnboy 4260 push mower. Cleaned it, fresh 2 cycle gas, new spark plug, cleaned the carb, made sure the cut off switch worked. Now you would think it would start right? Well it does not do any thing. Any help would be great.
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First thing that I would do is take the muffler housing off (under the deck) and run a piece of wood in the exhoust ports (3),to make sure they are clear.And shine a flashlight into the ports to inspect for scars in cylinder/piston.

Then run a compresion check.....Anything over 95 ok.Below 95 Lb. = junk

Then check for spark,at the wire terminal first.If no spark take the coil off and clean with sandpaper.Also clean the termials and the magnet on flywheel (the same way).Make sure fuel is flowing to carburetor,and air filter is clean.Then try to start again.

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check and make sure the reed plate is clear of any debris and that it is not cracked or broken. Another thing to check is the top and bottom crankshaft seal make sure they are in place, I have run across engine where the seals came out of the crankcase.

To check the reed plate you have to remove the carburetor and look where it mounts and you can see the reed plate, sometimes a small piece of grass or a twig gets in there and holds the reed open.

Good Luck...

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