Electric clutchs keep falling off


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Electric clutchs keep falling off

I have a Craftsman garden tractor (917.275223) that keeps dropping clutches on the ground. I have no idea why. Sears tech installed new clutch (3rd one), new bolt back in March. I attached the mower deck last week.

It all runs fine, or ran fine, for about 20 minutes. No strange vibrations or any warning until it was far too late. Sudden vibration then the mower stopped. Engine continued to run properly. Stopped the tractor and looked at the new shiney clutch on the ground. The bolt threading isn't too terribly messed up either.

Skaking my head. I thought the reverse threading would hold the bolt in at all costs. So, what is reversing it out? I did not note any major change in the voltage meter. How difficult is it to fry the clutch so it stops rotating the pulleys? Again though, aren't the threads reversed so it won't back out?

Suggestions? Anything?

Thank you
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Sounds like the threads in the crankshaft are probably stripped. The bolt is regular right hand thread. Rotation hasn't anything to do with it. The clutch is keyed to the crank so that it can't spin independently from the crank. The only reason for the bolt coming out is that it wasn't tight enough, doesn't have a lockwasher on it, the bolt is too short and barely contacting any threads, or the hole is stripped. The fact that you mentioned any damage to the threads at all indicates to me that the hole is stripped. Try getting a longer bolt that will reach farther up into the holt in the crankshaft, and will make contact with good threads.
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Thank you. I did purchase a couple longer bolts when I bought all the other replacements. The tech wanted to install one that was the same length as the original. I'll try the longer one. I suspect you are correct about the stripped threading. Hopefully it will stay on this time.

Thank you again

God Bless

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