Craftsman Tractor Not Starting


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Craftsman Tractor Not Starting

Good Evening,

I have a Craftsman GT 18 Twin Tractor. Model# 917.255910.
I am having an issue with it starting. If I poor a little fuel in the carb it will run for a few seconds then die which indicated to me it's a fuel problem. Attached to the (I'm gonna call it a firewall) is a little box that has the fuel line from the tank going to it and then a line on the otherside that goes to the carb and a vacuum line from the intake back to the box. I have vacuum at the intake but if I pull the line from the carb I have no fuel coming out or very little spitting. I bought this tractor used this past winter and realized that the guy who had it before me took out the inline filter and replaced it with a small section of hose instead. I'm figuring this killed the pump. Is there any type of rebuild kit I can by for this or do I have to see sears about it. I checked the price through them and its 60 bucks for a pump. I'd rather not do that if I can rebuild it cheaper.

Thanks to all who help
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This machine has a Briggs & Stratton opposed twin cylinder engine with a carburetor that includes an integral fuel pump. Find your engine ID numbers, take them to your local Briggs shop and purchase a carburetor rebuild kit and recondition the carb and pump.

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