lawn mower problems


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lawn mower problems

Hi folks. I was mowing yesterday and noticed my oil was low. The only oil I could find was 2-cycle. I filled it up with it and it bellowed smoke and blows oil out of the exhaust. I drained it today and put 4-cycle oil and it is doing the same thing. It'll run okay until I tilt it and it'll bog down and blow smoke. Please tell me I haven't got a blown engine. By the way it is Toro 6.75 horse rear self-propelled. Thank you.
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It may be overfull of oil, double check the level.

You did put the oil in the crankcase and not the fuel tank right?

Check the air filter it's possible that it may be soaked with oil, if so replace the air filter element.
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What viscosity (weight) 4-cycle oil did you use? Didn't you get an owners manual with the mower? This will give you the basic service information needed to perform periodic maintenence.

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