troubleshoot riding mower that won't start


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troubleshoot riding mower that won't start

I'm trying to figure out why my riding mower won't start. I have a new battery, a new sparkplug. I have cleaned the air filter and the fuel filter. When I turn the key is hear a clicking noise which sounds like it's coming from the fuel solenoid (which also feels very warm to the touch when I'm trying to start the mower). Any help would be appreciated. The mower is a Craftsman 14.5 HP electric start 42" 6 speed transaxle. Thanks!
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since you hear a click, have you tried tapping on the starter while turning the key to see if it will engage? blades disengaged? brake on? may be a safety switch. start by tapping the starter....
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check the battery to see if its putting out the right amount of amps.(this would not be the only time that someone bought a battery that didn't work) Make sure that ALL the wire conections is clean.Then if the engine doesn't spin over more than likely the clicking you hear is the starter solenoid.If it was a bad fuse or a safty switch the solenoid wouldn't even get juice to click.
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I get the impression that all you get is the click when you try to start it? Or does it spin when you try to start it? The click from the fuel solenoid when you turn the key on is normal, and it's also normal for it to get warm.

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