3.5HP B&S Smoking


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3.5HP B&S Smoking

Back during hurricane Rita I was running a small 1500W Coleman Powermate generator that I got from a friend. From the start I knew that it was using oil (1/2qt per 4 hours). After a day or so the motor shut down. Went out side and checked everything was ok. Added oil and gas and cranked her right up. White smoke as usual but after 15 minutes it shut down again. Pulled on the rope and it seamed to be froze up.

Well after sitting a few years I decided to see what was wrong. Took the generator apart, down to the motor. But could not get the the inverter coil off of the shaft (any suggestions on how to remove it). So I took a small block of wood and hit the shaft a few times and it seemed to break the motor loose. I can now turn the motor over by hand and also has enough compression to blow my finger out of the plug hole.

I am puzzled by it locking up but a few taps of a block got her moving again. Also there is alot of oil around the bottom half of the motor like it was leaking or blowing oil out some where.

I know the smoking can be from rings or valves but what else should I look for? Also how could I tell if the valves are bad? Could it be from a leaking crank case gasket? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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The white smoke indicates that you have gasoline in the engine oil by way of a malfunctioning carburetor. Drain the oil, recondition the carburetor and you should no longer have issues.

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