Sears/Kohler riding lawnmower stalls when hot


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Sears/Kohler riding lawnmower stalls when hot


I have a 6 years old Sears riding lawnmower that starts and runs normally when engine is cold. But when engine stalls when warm up after 15 to 30 minutes depending abient temperature. This seems to relate directly with engine temperature. Below are the spec of engine and things I have done to eliminate the possible causes.

Engine: Kohler Pro OHV 16.5 HP, model CV16S, spec # 43527, family YKHXS.4262.GB

- Checked and cleaned fuel tank cap. New gas in the tank. No sucessful, even running without fuel cap.
- No fuel pump, fuel is feed by gravity.
- New transparent fuel filter mounted horizontally. fuel level was slightly higher than the outlet of filter before starting. But as engine warmed up, no fuel was seen in the filter.
- New paper air filter and new screen.
- New fuel shut off solenoid (mounted at bottom of carb bowl). Same problem as running without solinoid.
- Battery was fully charged.
- New engine oil at correct level as spec.
- Checked and cleaned throttle, choke linkages.

Things that I have not checked (do not know how) or done are: checking the coil and clean the carb. Any helps/advices are greatly appreciated.

Have a nice holly day.
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I think checking the coil would be the next step of the procedure. Put a new plug in your pocket, run the engine until it quits, and then stick the new plug in the coil wire, let the plug touch metal on the engine, and crank the engine while watching for spark at the plug electrode. If there is no spark, your coil is probably bad. Remove the kill wire from the coil and repeat the process. If it doesn't die, the problem is with the mower electrical system. If it does die with no spark, then the coil is bad.

If you check for spark and do have spark, then plug the wire back onto the plug in the engine and start it. If it starts, then repeat the process. If it doesn't start, we know the problem is not coil-related.
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Fuel filter for non-fuel pump engine

Good morning Cheese,

Thanks for your help.

My problem was using a wrong fuel filter. One can not use fuel filter with fuel pump for gravity fed fuel lawn mower. I unexpectedly found out this while replacing the new filter by the old OEM part.

I still can not explain why there was no gas seen in the wrong filter though.


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