craftsman blower wont start


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craftsman blower wont start

Ive got a craftsman blower model 358.797290 that I cannot get to start. It has to be something with the carb. Its got compression (85 psi) and spark, it will fire a few times if i put a few drops of gas in the intake. It does not seem to be getting any gas. The carburetor is a walbro, diaphragm type. I took the bottom off, and everything seems looks alright, The diaphragm is flexable, and gas comes out when i push down the little lever in the center of the carb (under the diaphragm) What could be the problem? Also, how much should a carb rebuild kit cost? Sears wants $13.20 for a carb repair kit. What would a repair kit include? I would also like to find out who made this blower, the model number of the carburator, and a picture or something that shows how these little carburetors work.
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First take the muffler off and look at the piston and cylinder to see if it is scored,the compression seems a little low should be 90# are above.also check the cylinder where it is bolted to the crankcase,the bolts on these blowers are always coming loose.Go to GOOGLE and type in walbro two cycle carbuarters and they will show you how the carb. works.

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You nailed it Jerry.
I had taken apart the carb twice, and still couldnt get it working, when the whole time the problem was one of the bolts came loose in the cylinder.

Theres 2 bolts holding the cylinder to the crankcase. One came loose, the cylinder got pushed away and broke off the area where the other bolt holds it to the crankcase.

Do most small 2 stroke engines only use two bolts? This seems like a poor design.

Also, I would like to know what kind of engine this is and the model # if possible. I can get the parts through sears, but would like to see if i can get them somwhere else cheaper. I think I'm going to replace the cylinder, rings, and gasket. I know its not really worth it on a hundred dollar blower, but I want to try it anyway, hopefully it will be a good learning experience.
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This is a unit made by Poulan/Weedeater for Sears as most of their handheld products are. The rebuild kit should cost you no more than $7-9 through a local small engine/outdoor power equipment shop using an OEM (Walbro) kit. The rebuild kit will include all parts necessary to recon the carb with new gaskets, diaphragms and an inlet needle. Your carb is a model WA-229-1 and uses Walbro kit K20-WAT. The only-two-screws holding the cylinder to the crankcase is typical of cheap units. Be sure to use blue Loctite upon reassembly on all the critical parts (cylinder, crankcase, intake manifold, and exhaust) and buy a gasket set for your model which includes a carb mounting gasket (not included with the carb rebuild kit).

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