Bolt Broke / Blade


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Bolt Broke / Blade


I have a coleman mower. I was mowing tall grass. The bolt that goes thru the center of the blade snapped partway in the shaft. There are no other bolts holding the blade in place but 2 small pins. It looks like the blade is bolted to this TEE that is screwed on the shaft. Is this correct? Can this repaired? Thanks much I'm in a real jam.

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broken blade bolt

You are describing the blade adaptor.I've never seen one that screwd on.Use something like Liquid wrench on it,put a piece of steel under it and hit it with a big hammer (rotating the motor as you do.It will slide off the end of the crankshaft.And then if the bolt isn't broken off inside the crank,use vice grips to turn it out.they turn CCW (Opposite way as the engine runs).

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