blades will not disengage once engaged


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blades will not disengage once engaged

I have a Troy bilt Wheel Horse that has been running great for years. But, There are a few things that have started to happen.
1. The Blades will not disengage. After I turn it off I can pull the belt and the it's fine till I engage it again.
2. The battery goes dead realy fast. Even after I put in a new one. So I have to jump start it every time.
3. It has a hard time turning over so I have to spin the top of the cranke cover to get it to kick off. Kind of like an old air plane. Could have to do with the battery problem in number 2.
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#1 - sounds like the spring that pulls the idler pulley on the idler crank bail is streached, or off.

#'s 2 and # 3 might be the same problem.the ALT.don't sound like it's putting out.What is the model # off the engine of your wheel horse?
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To me,
#1 sounds like the tensioner arm pivot point needs lubrication or the return spring missing or broken.

#2 sounds like you have an OHV briggs single cylinder engine that is in need of a valve adjustment.

#3 sounds like a possible wiring problem or bad alternator.
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There's no such make as Troy-Bilt/Wheel Horse but is likely a Toro/Wheel Horse. What are the ID numbers off the tag on the chassis of the mower? And, what make engine and the ID numbers of this as well? Does this have an electric clutch PTO or manual clutch? How long does it take for the battery to die out? What is the CCA rating of the batteries you are purchasing? Have you recently serviced the mower deck or the belt related to such? Perhaps, you replaced the belt and it may be the wrong belt? Have you banged into anything with the deck that may have tweaked the deck alignment?
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