Tecumseh Carb question


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Tecumseh Carb question

I bought a Gocart for the kids a while back. It had sat for quite a while and the carburator was plugged tight. I've cleaned it as best I could and even and changed a few parts, and it runs, but I still am having problems with it. It needs to idle high to stay running and then the clutch engages and the cart want to take off. The the engine is a Tecumseh OHH50-68075D it has a primer bulb carb with no choke and no adjustable mix. I would really just like to get a replacement carb that has a choke and adjustable mix, but I can't figure out if the is an exact fit that has these options. The part number is 640017 and the best I can find is a 640017B which does has a mix adjust, but not a choke. I just feel like having a motor on a gocart needs a choke to let the engine warm up at an idle. Any help on how to crossreference carbs? Is there aftermarket carbs for Tecumseh. Any help would be appreciated.
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You'll likely not find either a Tecumseh or aftermarket carburetor, new, that will be adjustable. Blame it on the government, the EPA regulations don't allow for adjustable carbs anymore. Your best bet is to find a good used carb that will fit up but this will be quite difficult, I'll say. Besides, if you clean the carb you have well you won't need a new or different carb. Buy a quality bath type cleaner (I like Napa's # 6402), a good spray cleaner (I like Briggs # 100042), disassemble the carb, soak it for 15 minutes, spray the carb with the spray cleaner, allow it to air dry (unless, even better, you have compressed air), reassemble the carb with a Tecumseh rebuild kit and new intake gasket and you should then have a well running engine (provided all other critical areas are in good shape). NOTE: you may have to soak more than once depending on the severity of any varnish build up. If so, allow an hour or so between soakings to allow the fuel inlet fitting to contract back down to normal. If the inlet fitting is not plastic but metal then there is no need to soak more than once and you can then soak for 30-60 minutes only once.
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