John Deere vs. Kubota....which tractor???


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John Deere vs. Kubota....which tractor???

Hello All,

I am in the market for a compact style tractor that can do the chores listed below and I'm not sure which brand to get. I THINK I've narrowed it down to a Deere 990 or 2000 series and the Kubota B series, maybe a 3030 or something similar. The "riding mowers" are just too small and I don't want and can't afford a full size "tractor". Here's the list and then some comments.

Chores necessary:
finish mow: approx. 5 acres of uneven sometimes bumpy terrain done weekly and the main task of this machine
bush hog: approx 15 acres of very hilly terrain with thick field grass and brushy areas along with a number of atv trails that I keep cut back done once per year
dirt road maintenance for all seasons/winter plowing (endless it seems)
some loading
some backhoe work
some light tilling for garden and game management patches (just an acre or two)
some landscaping and general materials handling
some light to medium duty pulling

I guess that about covers it. I don't have a ton of money to sink into a machine. I am obviously not going to be able to afford the best sized machine I need so I have to make due with what will do most of what I've listed reliably and without constant breakdowns for the money I can spend.

I take good care of my equipment but I don't baby it and I expect it to do what it's supposed to do without abusing it.

All that being said, which would you buy; a Deere or a Kubota. OR, is there another brand that you can recommend besides these two. These are just the ones I know the most about and have found the most information on.

The reason I was looking at the Deere 790/990 is because they seem to be versatile and reasonably good quality for around the $10,000 range. The kubotas I've looked at are a bit more, but I like them better.

Please help. I am going to make this purchase fairly soon and I don't want to throw away 10 or 15 thousand dollars on a piece of junk. There are things I like and things that bother me about both the Deere and the Kubota so I need some outside input from guys who know.

Thanks very much!!!!!
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I like both. I am not an expert on garden tractors though. I think if I had to choose between the two, based on what little I know at the moment, the deere would probably get my vote almost exclusively because parts are available in almost any town and there's a pretty ggod chance parts and service will be readily available 30 years from now too.
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I would just add that you might want to check out Masey Fergusons as well if there is a dealer in your area. They also make an excellent compact tractor and are priced competitively.

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