Throttle adjustment on B&S mower engine


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Throttle adjustment on B&S mower engine

I managed to get my B&S mower (12f702-0616) running, thanks to this forum!

I have another question. The RPM is too low, and it appears that the issue is the spring that connects to the carb linkage and engine governor has stretched out. Do these weaken with time? With the engine running, I can push on this linkage and get the motor to the right RPM. It seems a little arbitrary to start bending and working the spring, but that's the easier way to go for now.

Is this the right path?

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You are most likely on the correct path. If I recall correctly you have a briggs on a john deere push mower...?
I am not sure how the govenor is on this setup. But you should find some sort of adjustment even if its a tab to bend where the spring connects, or possibly an adjustment stop screw on the gov. assy...
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Yes, it's a John Deere mower with B&S engine.

I read some of the posts about a 'tab being bent' by running into brush or something else, but this wouldn't apply to my mower. The spring is too protected under the gas tank / shroud.

Anyway, I took the spring off and did some minor bending to tighten it up a bit. Worked like a charm. The wire is pretty thin so I guess it can stretch out a little over time.

So, it looks like the saga is over!

Thanks for your help.
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You know how a mouse can get into the tightest places? Well don't discount the possibility of something getting at the governor spring lever. Yes, governor springs can and do weaken over time but I doubt this is your case since it takes hundreds of hours of run time for this to happen. In any case, if you want to replace the spring, it is Briggs part number 691292. I believe you had a mouse like encounter with shrubbery.

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