Poulan Rider Dies When Brake Released


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Poulan Rider Dies When Brake Released

I have a 10 year old Poulan 42" Rider that starts fine and runs fine as long as the brake is pushed in. As soon as I let up on it, the engine dies. If I push the pedal back down in time, it will remain running. I've been told this could possibly be a safety switch. I know there is a safety switch on the seat and I fiddled with that last night but it didn't help. I don't know where any of the other safety switches are and unfortunately, I can't find the manual. The model number is HD145H42 but this model is not even listed on the Poulan website. Thanks in advance for any ideas.
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I don't know your mower but follow the brake pedal. Look under and around the frame at the pedal side, work the brake pedal by hand and see what moves. Look for wires and follow them. That is the way I find a switch on a mower I don't know. Sure sounds like a switch problem to me though. Stay tuned and those that do this more than once in a blue moon will chime in.
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I would check and test the seat switch first, as this is the one that would trigger the engine to shut down if the clutch was released and no one was sitting in the seat. The clutch switch should be working if it starts and runs with the clutch depressed. Engaging the blades may also cause the engine to die, but that could also be a result of a defective seat switch.

Check the seat switch and if it checks good then post results and we can go from there. Test the seat switch for continuity with a meter, also check the plug as some have a secondary switch inside the plug that is activated when the plug is properly connected to the switch

Good Luck!!!
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HI ,I'm new! I had a 2185 cub doing this I found the shorts one was a switch,which I just closed the circult, the other was a wire rubbed bare gronding out the frame. keep looking,What sounds to me when you push the brake you are closing the circult when you let go it shuts off It might be a bad brake switch!
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The brake switch is fine...you can tell it's working because it knows when you let off the brake. It's the seat switch or the connector to the seat switch that is giving you your trouble.
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I had a friend look at it last night - he's convinced that it's the safety switch that we found when we lifted up the gas tank. I couldn't convince him that it is probably the switch under the seat. I even had threads printed from here to show him why it could be the seat switch but he wasn't interested in reading them. He fiddled with the other switch and it appears to be working for the moment. If it quits again maybe he'll listen to me about the seat switch. Thanks everyone for their help.
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You might want to make sure the mower will not start when the brake/clutch is released, and that the mower will shut off with no one on the seat and the brake/clutch released. Its also possible you have a wiring issue, bare, cut or pinched....that was moved during the fiddling.

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