Need primer bulb for Sears wood chipper


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Need primer bulb for Sears wood chipper

I have a 1995 Sears wood chipper model # 247.795850 with engine # 143.955003. The primer bulb has disintegrated and gasoline pours out when added to the gas tank. I've found a parts list online but the primer bulb is missing. Does anyone know the part # and/or where I can get a replacement?


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Theres 2 main kinds(that ive seen) of primer bulbs, the ones that are a half sphere of rubber, that mount on the carburetor with some little plate to hold them down, and then there is the kind that are free standing, which just clip on somewhere, and have 2 places to connect hoses, (one goes to tank, other to carb), There are some on ebay if you type in "primer bulb". Another idea is going to sears, looking at the power equiptment, and finding a few different machines with the same primer bulb as you, and then trying to get the part looking it up with the model number of whatever else has the same primer bulb.

Although Puey can probably tell you exactly what your looking for.

good luck
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Tecumseh Part # 36045
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If gas is coming out where the primer bulb goes, you have bigger problems to contend with. The carb is in need of repair.
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As Cheese indicated, you'll need to recondition the carburetor. Here is a list of Tecumseh parts you'll likely need: 632760B, rebuild kit; 640007, emulsion tube; 640008, main jet/bowl nut; 632019, float; 26756A, carb mounting gasket. Along with these, you'll want a good bath type cleaner (I like Napa's # 6402), a good spray cleaner (I like Briggs & Stratton's # 100042) and compressed air.
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Thanks Puey, you the man!
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Don't forget the primer bulb smallengineguy noted. FYI, compressed air is not necessary but certainly helpful. The Briggs spray cleaner is good stuff and will evaporate without leaving behind any unwanted residue.
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Had trouble starting the wood chipper, and also had gas pouring out. Here is what I found, will save you some time. My gas was flowing out because the carburetor float was jammed.

1) The float in the bowl was "gunked up". You can remove the bowl by removing the brass screw on the bottom, and gently twist/pull it off. Spray some carburetor cleaner on the bowl, and use an old toothbrush to clean off any gunk. Be careful to not let the bowel swing down too low, or the little needle valve will fall out, and you will have to find it and reinstall! Clean the inside of the bowel with carb cleaner and toothbrush also.

2) with the bowel off, flush the gas line out with some fresh gasoline. You can catch it in a small dish as it drips out under the bowel.

3) before reinstalling, clean out that brass screwe that holds the bowl on! It has two small holes that gunk up, and that is where all of the gas has to pass thru to make the engine run. The rest of the carburetor is probably NOT gunked up, as the gas flows thru a little red plasic pipe into the venturi chamber, and the plasic pipe does not gunk up. Even if it did, you could just clean it out by poking a wire thru, as there is nothing in there (just a straight pipe)--nothing to damage.

Reinstall the bowel and brass screw and you will be ready to rock. I was surprised that there was no metering device to clean out, just the brass screw!

Do not know how to replace the rubber charger button, but it is really not needed. You could plug up the hole with something, and use a spray can of starter fluid to start the engine--if you can not find the replacement part.

Next time, before storing it away, I will run the engine until it empties the gas can, shake it around, and then temporarily loosen the brass screw to drain out the last drops of gas. Do not want it to gunk up like that again.

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