Snapper Mower won't start


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Snapper Mower won't start

I was using my mower and it ran out of gas. I filled it up and tried to start it but it won't.
It will run for a second, then die.
I check a couple of things, but everything looks normal.

Any suggestions to what it may be.

Right now I have a half cut lawn.

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How was the gas you used to fill up your mower? Could it have been old/stale ?

Dirt from bottom of tank may have gotten into your carb, start with a cleaning of carb and fresh gas.
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Without knowing any thing other than it is a Snapper it is pretty tough to tell you what might be wrong other than smalleng suggestion about old fuel, fuel is not fresh unless it just came from the pump(30-60 days) not the can. Anyway you may have introduced gunk from the bottom of the tank into the fuel system when it ran out gas. So here we go,
Lean the mower to the side away from the carb and remove the nut from the bottom of the carb, I think it is 1/2" RH threads, remove the bowl, careful not to destroy the rubber gasket at the egde of the bowl(the inside of the bowl should be clean), now set the mower back down, if fuel starts running from the carb things are good and something tells me it will(if it has fuel in it). Now take the nut you removed that held the bowl on and check the holes in it they are probably clogged, take the carb cleaner puey suggested and using it with the straw attached blow out the gunk from the nut that held the bowl on. Now spray thru any and all little holes you have access to. Put the bowl back on(careful with the old gasket) and you are good to go. However, if the bowl was full of varnish, go to plan B(remove and clean the carb). Have a good one. Geo
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TRy the easy stuff first, remove gas cap try starting,if starts clogged air vent in gas cap! Go to auto zone get a cheap in line gas filter there red and big as 25 cent peice and buy a foot of 1/4" black rubber gas line $1.18 a foot and 1/4 clamps. Total $ 3.00, Hope this helps. (Easy is, what easy does)
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Riding mower? Walk-behind mower? Bowl type carburetor? Diaphragm type carburetor? Fuel pump? Gravity-fed fuel system? Post back with information relative to these questions as well as identification numbers of both the chassis and engine!!!
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Just realized I referenced you in my post and you hadn't been envloved in the post as yet. Mine was a copy from another post. Sorry for any confusion(but you could take it as a complement,lol). Have a good one . Geo

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