MTD turn key, nothing happens!!


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Question MTD turn key, nothing happens!!

New battery yesterday!
Before replacing battery the tractor turned slowly but only after clicking key back and forth from off to start repeatedly.
Charged old battery, started once then shut off.
Fuse fine.
I'm thinking must be the key switch, am I right???
If so where do I get the switch?
MTD parts manual only has thier part #'s
Need to find one locally!
Grass growing fast!

Thanks for any help in advance,
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Sounds like a bad connection or failing battery.
The MTD part number will be good any place you can purchase OPE parts.
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The key switch is not Necessarily the problem.The bendix gear on the starter motor could be stuck, engauged to the ring gear of the fylwheel,or 1-2 teeth missing from the ring gear.The valves out of adjustment.Or the compression releaseon the cam gear inside the engine not back with the model# and type# of your engine and we can help with the differant spec's of your engine.And or differant tests to tell what's what.
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As Repair_Guy indicated, it may not necessarily be the key switch but for $15 or so, you won't be out much money if this is not the trouble. But I'll say that I believe that this is your trouble. Do you have ANY mower repair shops in your area? MTD service dealers should be found in most areas of the world.

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