John Deere Mower belts


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John Deere Mower belts

Once again when in trouble I turn to DIY.
I have a John Deere 160 riding mower. My trouble is that is that it wears out the deck belt. The one that runs the two blades. What could be my trouble? Is my belt to tight? Too loose? I don't know how the original belt tension system worked, right now it has a spring pulling on the idler pulley. The belt I am using is a standard V belt should I buy a different kind of belt maybe? I am rather lost here. I have thot of replacing the pulleys with aluminum ones, but if it used to work it has to now... Any ideas? If you want any more details just ask. The rest of the thing runs great... but what good is thatif it won't mow? Thanks ahead of time for your help...and God Bless
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First question, do you have the right size belt on it? (1/2" or 5/8") Easy way to tell is looking at the pulley, does the belt sit far into the "V"? Second question, did you use a power rated belt?
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Sometimes your pulleys may be bent.


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standard automotive belts won't last long on a mower deck. width and groove specs are different. there are aftermarket deck belts available but likely not at your typical auto parts outlet. go to a mower shop or JD dealer.
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I've read tale after tale of belt failure on Deere mowers when using aftermarket belts. I don't know what spec Deere belts are made to, but they seem to last longer and perform better than most others. Having said that, I'd also check for misaligned pulleys, bent idler arms, debris in the area of the belt like grass clippings, and smooth running bearings.
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I have a Scotts tractor, built by John Deere...I too experimented with non-OEM belts and they didn't hold up. The JD belt I finally installed has been on my tractor for four years now.

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