KGRO Power Pro: Searching for Owner's Manual


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Red face KGRO Power Pro: Searching for Owner's Manual

I just bought a used and in good condition KGR Power Pro riding mover: 14 HP Brig/Strat engine, 43 Turbo Cut Deck. I am searching for an owner's manual. Any suggestions where/how I might find one. Any help would be appreciated.
Serial # S003024331461
Model: E4314000
Code: 4039
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This is a mower manufactured by Murray, which, in essence, no longer exists, at least in product support. Briggs & Stratton now ownes the Murray Company and I would suggest contacting Briggs with your request. I'll guess that the only manual they'll have available is a service manual for the model series engine you have powering the mower and nothing more, but check with them. You never know.
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Murray did not manufacture K-Gro nor Power pro, this is a MTD product. If you can find the model number of the rider, which should be under the seat, you can use it here to find manuals and parts list. The number you are looking for should begin with 13A and have 11 characters.
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Perhaps if you could post some pictures of your mower, someone might be able to recognize the manufacture and possibly the model for you.
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Does it look similar to these
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This site may interest some of you. Lots of pics of different labels MTD sold under.
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AYP made some of the Kgros too. The only mowers I know of with a 43" deck would be made by AMF, Noma, or Dynamark. All of them old.
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Azis, he did post the model and serial and code numbers off the chassis. The model he posted is E4314000 (the "E" tells me it is a 1994 model year, the "43" tells me this is a 43 inch cut, the "14" tells me it is a 14-horse engine, the "000" tells me this is the first design series of this particular model series). The code number he posted is 4039 telling me this was manufactured on the 39th day of 1994. Indy Man, this is a Murray (Noma) product and you will want to contact Briggs & Stratton to see if they can help you for your request.

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