Surging governor


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Surging governor

Dear Sirs,
I bought an 18.5 Crafstsman, B&S engine, sit down mower 2 yrs. ago and it has been running fine. All of a sudden, this year, I've had to jump start it three times even though the ammeter is showing to be charging. Once I had it jumped it was fine. The third time after I took the jumper cables off, the governor started surging. It surges in low idle or high idle. I have changed the air filter, plug, fuel filter. A couple of times I noticed a slight popping noise when it started. Oil looks fine and it has fresh fuel. Linkage looks good and undisturbed. I tried to adjust the air fuel mixture and it made no difference so I put it back to its original setting. Seems like there is a loss of power with all that surging going on. It has solid state ignition , so I'm wondering if the timing could have been thrown off somehow. I need advice on this little goody. Thanks JoeA
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I'm guessing the battery is over 2 years old? If so, I suggest replacing it...and go for the larger cranking amp battery...somewhere around 350 cranking amps should be good for that hard to start twin cylinder.

The surging is due to a carburetor restriction. Easy to fix...remove the top of the carb, clean out the bowl and main jet and blow out the passages, and reassemble.
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Any update, Joe?

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