craftsman 6.0 eager-1


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craftsman 6.0 eager-1

I have the Craftsman 6.0 Eager-1 Lawnmower which was handed down to me. The other day the pull cord broke inside the casing???

I disassembled the top piece, reattached the pull cord and rewound it, It starts but won't rewind itself. I have attempted this many many times in all different configurations?? Can some one help
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Did you wind the spring before you re-tied the rope? Did you use the same rope, or change it... and if so did you replace it with the same size rope? (rope that's too big will bind up)
I wind the recoil up until it stops, then back it off until the holes line up. Feed in the new line, tie it and then let it re-wind until it stops. Draw a little back out (so it's always under a little spring tension) and snip off the excess. Just be sure to put a vice grip on the cord where it enters the recoil, otherwise when you cut it it could pull back into the housing.
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The rope broke off right at the motor so I tied it there, but I'm not sure what is meant by "wind the spring?"
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"Winding the spring" is to pre-load the spring before insertion of the rope. If you don't the starter can't possibly retract the rope. Perhaps, though, you have a broken/weak starter spring and it can't possibly retract the rope even if you have properly pre-loaded the spring. Post back with engine make, model, type/spec, serial/code numbers.

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