Fuel come up to air filter from carb. helpp!!!!!!!!


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Fuel come up to air filter from carb. helpp!!!!!!!!

i have a craftsman lawn tractor model # 917.256510 with B&S engine mode#28N707. After doing research online, i took out the float bowl on the carburetor and spray clean them and but it back. After i put everythings back and hook up the fuel line, fuel start to come up the choke valve and flood the air filter compartment with fuel. Anyone know what wrongs with my engine??
Ps: I reassemble the fuel bowl exactly the way i took it off. Gasket, floater pin,........ Please help
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Is your float brass or plastic?I don't have my books in front of me and I can't remrmber.But if it's brass,it's gotten gas in it and holding it from coming up to cut the fuel off.If it's plastic,you've got a piece of trash holding it off the seat.Or the seat is tore or got a over sized hole in it now.
When you fix this B 4 you crank the engine check the moter oil for gas too.
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The same thing will happen to mine occassionally although not as often since I cleaned the carb and blew everything out with compressed air. Seems more of a problem when I start the engine with the tractor sitting sideways on a bank. Makes me think that the float level is goofey but since the float is molded plastic there's not a lot to do about the float level other than to remember to start the engine on level ground which usually takes care of the problem.
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Sounds like the needle didn't get put back in.

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