McCullough Trimmer Carb/fuel issues, Starts with primer


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McCullough Trimmer Carb/fuel issues, Starts with primer

I Have a MacCullough MAC 2816 Trimmer, it starts on half choke when you prime it properly, then dies pretty soon afterwards.
I can see fuel going into carb through primer line, only see fuel in main line after repeated starts with primer only. Is it possible the main fuel delivery system has a problem?
I checked and replaced the fuel lines, the fuel filter and took apart and cleaned and reassembled the carb as per posts here. But none of that fixed the problem. Any thoughts on how I can fix this machine? Does it have a fuel pump that could be faulty?

In the future, any recommendations on more reliable brands for gas trimmers?

Thanks for any help.
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Probably needs a carb clean and carb kit.

I'd get an Echo or Stihl if I ever bought a new trimmer. I bought a used John Deere on Ebay and haven't had any trouble at all and I use it commercially
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The key will be the carburetor rebuild kit installation since it appears this is not too old and you have already "cleaned" it. You likely will have little luck in finding McCulloch parts and since you need carb parts and this will not be a McCulloch carburetor (thankfully), pull the carburetor, determine the manufacturer (likely either Zama or Walbro) and post back with the model and serial numbers off of such. I can then send you in the right direction for the rebuild kit.
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Thanks for responses.
Carb's a Zama C1U M29D.
What does the rebuild kit inlude?
I think there's a guy on ebay who sells them for this model. Is this likely a fuel delivery problem? Is this carb a diaphragm type? I see something in it that has a disc and looks like it might be the diaphragm... Help much appreciated!
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How do i re-string this trimmer?

Do you happen to have the owners manual on how to restring this trimmer? I just got one used and it works great, just needs new string now and i didnt think to see how it was done beforehand. Ca nyo upost just how to re-string it for me? Thanks.
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Hi Ryan,
I don't have the manual, bought the machine used. But you can view/print it online here:

Just type in the model # (MAC 2816) and serial # (actually any number in this field works).

Good luck,

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