L series Lawnboy doesn't start


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L series Lawnboy doesn't start

Hi, I'm having problems starting my inherited LB Lseries Model L21ZSM. After about 50 pulls on the cord, not only is my right arm huge but I get a successful start. As soon as I move the throttle off the choke position, it dies. Then it won't start for another 50 pulls at all. Good spark. Fresh fuel. Took apart the carb and cleaned it with WD40 and al the jets allowed a steady stream of WD40 through them. The whole moveing off of choke and it dying points to the main jet in the carb, but why does it not start at all for another gazillion pulls? Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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If the carburetor is varnished or trashy, WD-40 won't do the trick to clean it out. Any time you clean a carburetor, you should use a carb/choke cleaner (I like Briggs & /Stratton # 100042) in the least and if you suspect heavy varnish then you'll need to soak it in a good bath type cleaner (I like Napa # 6402). There is no way, even for seasoned, veteran mechanics, to visually determine if a particular passageway in a carb is absolutely clear. Using the above cleaners will greatly increase the chances of performing a carburetor reconditioning that yields favorable results. Furthermore, you should get a rebuild kit from your local Lawn-Boy dealer to do the job right.

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