HOW to tune rpm's by ear?


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HOW to tune rpm's by ear?

I have a Cub2180 with vanguard 18hp. and a Cub2185 with kohler 18 hp, the kohler sounds good! (My question is can I tune the one tractor rpm's to the other?) when i ran the vanguard wide open ,then I started the kohler engine about 3/4 throttle, is when they became in tune with one another.IT sounds like the vanguard is not up to pare at 3600 rpm with no load, I don't have rpm-tack .Can I do this!?
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No. You pretty much can't tune rpm by ear. You might get pretty close if you're a mechanic who has worked with small engines for years and years. Otherwise, and even then, you'll need a tach to check rpm. They're cheap. You're comparing one brand engine to another. The sounds are not the same.

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